Allen, Dixie

Artist Bio:

Photographer and Author

Dixie Allen enjoys exploring the planet through her love of Photography, Art, Gardens and Hiking. Her photographs reflect the passion for these interests.

Her Gardens of Knoxville Pines woven with unique Garden Statuary and Fountains throughout, became the inspiration for her photographic Calendar publication, The Gardens of Knoxville Pines.

Ms. Allen is the founder and sponsor of the Women’s Arts Association of Canada Excellence in Photography Scholarship and The Trustee for the Ryerson Image Arts Excellence in Lens Based Photography Award.  Originally from Montreal, presently resides in Ontario.

Exhibitions include:

  • ScotiaBank Contact Photography Toronto, “Beauty is where you find it”,  2019
  • Women’s Art Association Canada “Celebrating Toronto” Yorkville 2019.
  • “Through a Hikers Lens”, Northumberland Hills 2014-2019
  • “Small Gems” Heliconian Club, Yorkville 2009

Published Photography works include:

  • Bookmark Series: Adventures in Global Travel, Made by Nature in Collage, 2000-2020
  • The Gardens of Knoxville Pines Calendar, 2006 (35-mm film images)
  • Birthday Card series: Nature in Bloom, 2000-2020

Artist Statement:

The Art of Photography changes like the light. Each moment or genre introduces a refreshing perspective taking this photographer along on a never-ending journey of discovery to capture beauty in the world we share.                                     
Dixie Allen, Photographer in the making.

Contact Information:

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