Andersen, Barbara

Barbara Andersen
Ocean Sea Side

Artist Bio:

Born and raised in Toronto, Barbara began exploring her artistic interests while enjoying a successful career in IT. She attended University of Waterloo and majored in computer science. Until recently she owned and operated a small software and services company with offices in both the US and Canada. Primarily self-taught, she supplemented her art knowledge by taking part-time courses in watercolour at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She enjoys painting on location, has attended many workshops to further her experience. Barbara has also applied her artistic skills to photography and creates unique pieces of art by applying oil pastels by hand to the images she has captured. Currently her focus is primarily non-objective (abstract) works with acrylics.

Barbara has been a member of the Women’s Art Association for many years, has participated in several exhibitions and her original paintings are in private collections throughout North America.

Artist Statement:

I am inspired by the beauty of nature, the trees, mountains, and the ocean. In addition to photography, I continue to explore both watercolour and acrylic mediums to create on paper or canvas an expression of the mood I am feeling or seeing in the subject material around me; either the stillness and peacefulness or the ebb and flow of the contrasting turbulence and uncertainty.

When using watercolour, my palette is the three primary colours, and I strive to create exciting and bright contrasts by mixing all other hues from these basic three. With acrylics I expand my palette to achieve additional texture and often find more freedom using a palette knife instead of a paintbrush. I continue to explore interesting shapes and colour compositions and hope the viewer will relate to my paintings in their own personal way and discover their own unique perspective in them.         

Contact Information:

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