Bald Bloom, Ann

Artist Statement:

Ann Bald-Bloom on Flower Painting 

In the beginning, I am certain that God said “let there be flowers”. And there were! 

And they covered the planet in a multitude of sizes and shapes. 

Then came colour! Luscious colour. The vivid scarlets, the cool violets and blues and the sunlit yellows and ochres. The combinations of which make unending varieties of more and more, richer and vibrant colours. And the greens – The Greens – they must have gone forth and multiplied – there are so many greens and they can so often be found all at once in one place. 

I am also sure that we were instructed to look carefully and really see those little floral 

miracles. To touch and feel and smell them, and above all to hold them in our hearts 

and know the spirits within each one. 

There is something about the essence of a flower which holds me – it’s vibrance – it’s 

simplicity. From the first tiny shoot in early spring, to budding, to full bloom and then to it’s beautiful, twisted-petal death. It is a small but powerful story of life. 

I am constantly trying to capture this essence in my paintings – the essence of the flower 

as metaphor for life – my life. The twists and turns, the drama. 

The struggle to get to this has been exciting, enlightening, maddening, overwhelming 

and serene. I am amazed when it works. It doesn’t always, but the journey there is sublime 

Artist Bio:

I’ve been making art for over 50 years. 

I began over 50 years ago in photography, which I love to this day, but discovered I could say more with paint and brush than I could through the lens. I then began to inquire about painting and never looked back. 

Without the benefit of a formal art education, I painted on my own, experimenting at the time, through workshop and small study groups with well known artists such as Guitta Caiserman-Roth, Yehuda Chaki, Seymour Segal and Peter Krausz at the renown Saidye Bronfman Center in Montreal, and later at the Banff Center and Haliburton School of Fine Arts with Harold Klunder in Ontario. 

I have painted all over the world, both on my own and in a workshop environment. 

My work is mostly abstract-expressionist, immensely influenced by colour. I work intuitively and usually 

guided by “what just happened” 

Contact info:

facebook:    annbaldbloom
instagram:   annbaldbloom

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