Chor, Christy

Artist Statement:

Nature is the fountain of Christy’s inspirations. The majesty of the landscape, the orchestra of wildlife, and life experience are all part of the flow of energy. She likes to observe and capture the grace and poetry of movements.

The flow, the tranquility, the awe, and the dynamic vitality of creatures, moments of solidarity, genuine interactions between humans are stimuli for immersive imagination. All her sculptures evoke the viewer’s precious, visceral emotions and serve to break boundaries between language, race, and social classes.

She is a nature lover and storyteller. Her belief is all about “Back to nature.” Her latest work reflects on the causes and consequences of our ecological crisis, triggers the alarm bells of disaster, and galvanizes the audience into action to save nature for generations to come.


Christy Chor received her BA in Crafts and Design at Sheridan College, Ontario. She graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, (Graphic Communications) years ago. She has participated in many local and international ceramic exhibitions, including Canada, US, Hong Kong, and Serbia. She has received several academic and art scholarships and professional ceramic memorial awards. She is a recognized Emerging Ceramic Artist since the Fusion Clay and Glass Show 2018 in Toronto, Ontario. Before she came to Canada to study ceramics, she led design teams as Creative Director and Project Manager for many highly reputable Property Development Groups in Asia. She has a wealth of professional experience in architectural graphics, advertising, marketing, brand communication, and project management with international artists on art Installation projects.

Instagram @ christychor.ceramics

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