Cormier, Carol


I am currently a retired teacher. I have always loved art but didn’t take any formal art training until I turned 50. I am mostly self taught and started my art journey with watercolour painting. I took some night classes at the Etobicoke School of the Arts and loved learning about the complexity of working in watercolour and how happy mistakes can actually enhance a painting. 

As a teacher I taught art to my grade five students and couldn’t wait to teach them what I learned in my night school classes. Before I retired I became the school librarian and taught art from kindergarten to grade five. These were the best five years of my teaching career. 

Now, in retirement, I have set up a small studio in my house. I continue to take as many art classes as I can and continue to experiment in different styles of art with different mediums. Most of the classes that I take are on-line. 

Artist Statement:

I am a firm believer in life-long learning. I want to try everything and the most difficult challenge that I have is learning to focus on one style of art. I have tried oil painting, watercolour painting, sketching, mixed media, journalling, portrait painting, landscapes, still life and abstract. 

I keep coming back to watercolour and acrylic and have discovered that I’m happiest as an intuitive painter. I love vibrant colours and how colours evoke and bring out feelings and moods that are present in me and my environment. 

I also believe that drawing in sketchbooks on a regular basis is essential for an artist’s growth. I need to spend more time doing this and have placed it high on my to do list for 2021. 

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