Davidson-Palmer, Judith

Artist Statement :

While the genesis of my paintings is sometimes external, much of the time the inspiration comes from within. The latter is especially true of my abstract work which explores colour, form and energy and how it combines to create an attraction or an emotional response.  In my realistic paintings I try to capture a special, sometimes fleeting moment in life and surroundings that evoke memories of people, places and pursuits .  My photographic work in many instances challenges the viewer by altering the common perception of familiar scenes. I use software  similar in some ways to a brush and paints to create a unique image that is artistic and semi-realistic at the same time. It is both a record in time and a creative statement. My realistic photography is largely focused on architectural subjects and street scenes with a view to recording the iconic or representative structures and everyday events that define life at that moment.


Judith Davidson-Palmer works in oil, watercolour, acrylic, encaustic, photographic, digital and mixed media. A graduate of Mount Allison University and Queen’s University, she has studied at the National Portrait Gallery, London, Art Gallery of Ontario, Haliburton School of Art, Ontario College of Art (now OCAD), and with artists Barry Coombs, Lila Lewis Irving, Chinkok Tan and photographer Steve Simon. She is a former Artist Representative on the Board of the Women’s Art Association of Canada and a former Vice President of the Board of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.  In her photography she explores the application of software to create unique artistic images. Her painting “Light at the End of the Tunnel” was shortlisted in 2016 by the Royal Academy of Arts, London.  She has participated in many solo, small group and large group shows exhibiting paintings, digital works and photography.  Her photography and paintings are in business, public and private collections.


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