Davies, Teresa

Artist Statement:

I paint my impressions of what I see and feel when looking at my surroundings. I’m influenced by the constant change of the great outdoors.

My preferred medium for painting is acrylic but I do enjoy watercolours as well when I plein air.

I have a love of painting landscapes but in recent years have become more infatuated with wildlife and their surroundings. My latest series started with a trip to the city and seeing a deer in the small area between the DVP and the On ramp. This beautiful deer was oblivious to its surroundings but totally trapped in a small green space in the city. I’ve tried to portray the feeling I had when I drove by.

I hope my art series will bring some awareness to people of our urban wildlife’s plight.

Artist bio:

As a young girl Teresa always felt that she saw the world differently than her family and friends like shadows and the way the sunlight hit different things. She always tried to portray her impressions of what she was seeing and feeling when looking at her surroundings. Teresa had some art training in high school and in college but mostly experimented herself with different mediums finding her preference to be acrylic and water colour.

Teresa has always been influenced by the great outdoors and having spent her whole life in Scugog she never runs out of motivation for her paintings. Teresa has also spent 20 years vacationing in the Algonquin area and that has influenced her paintings.

Teresa is a proud member of the ECOAA and the WAAC and has participated in many group shows and sold many works. Teresa has also been teaching art lessons since 2014 and has helped many people find their inner artist.

Contact information:

Website-   Teresadaviesart.com

Email – Tromain22@gmail.com

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