Djelweh, Ulla

All photos are Archival Pigment Prints Limited Editions

Artist Biography

Ulla Djelweh is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist and a graduate of the Ontario Collage of Art. In recent years Digital Photography become her medium of choice. A passion for travel, foreign cultures and a keen interest in nature, design and architecture often plants the seed for a visual story. A natural or man-made environment supplies an abundance of subjects. Colours, shapes and lines, created by an ever-changing light source and its reflections, often become the source for a fresh idea. At times social and political issues are addressed.

Ulla Djelweh has consistently exhibited and sold her work since 1985. Her paintings and limited-edition photographs are held in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, USA and Europe.


Gallery 44,
Palm Beach Photographic Centre
Toronto Watercolour Society,
Women’s Art Association of Canada

Artist Statement

Ulla finds beauty in the mundane and is inspired by the beauty of the natural and man-made environment, its landscapes and people. There is this special moment, a splash of colour, a ray of light, a fleeting shadow that is magical and triggers the urge to capture, to share with empathy and gratitude. Accidents become an opportunity to re-think, re-invent a work in progress. A gained opportunity!

Strongly believing in the therapeutic value of art, children are fun to engage with. Sharing the magic of a camera might become a very special moment when visiting the rural places of the world.

Other Work

2018-2020 Observation and recording of the Atlantic Ocean, its Shores and Wildlife.
2019 Study of the “Fast Fashion Industry”, the second largest Polluter in the World
2017 Iceland – Capturing the majestic landscapes as seen in cloud formations, moss, rocks, waterfalls, lakes and glaciers in a land where fire and ice co-exists. The varied light conditions making the island a photographer’s dream.
2016 Florida’s Shore Line, Erosion and Wildlife
2015 Cambodia /Angkor Watt
2015 Vietnam Life of the Water People
2015 Industrial Giants of Germany’s Ruhr Valley

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