Elliott, Anne

Many years ago I was inspired by the book The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. This book unleashed a desire to experience my life as an artist in various forms.

Today these forms include collage making that express and explore various symbols,  designing a modern day goddess tarot deck, and writing a book.

After a long career in social work and teaching as a sessional lecturer at the Faculty of Social Work, in Saskatoon, I decided to become a lifestyle entrepreneur, working in the area of women’s spirituality.

Purple Goddess Enterprises is the name of my business and it is dedicated to creating easy, welcoming and safe spaces for women to honour life’s passages with joy, wisdom and celebration.

I am passionate about living a goddess inspired life.  My soon to be published book, Sophia’s Return, A Guide to Creating a Goddess-Inspired Sacred Circle, is an exploration of Goddess spirituality.  

The book encourages women to lead their own sacred circle using the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  The book includes the script for eight ceremonies typically used for the Celtic Wheel of the Year ( e.g. summer solstice, autumn equinox), and includes a personal memoir recounting my own story and experience of the goddess.

I look forward to where the artist’s way leads me and I am happy to be called the Purple Goddess, as I continue adding dramatic purple streaks to my silver hair.

Contact information

Website: www.purplegoddess.guru

Facebook:  PurpleGoddessEnterprises

Instagram: annepurplegoddes

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