Farquhar, Susan

Artist Bio:

Susan studied at the University of Guelph, York University and with a master printer in lithography at Open Studio in Toronto. She then worked at Novak Graphics a publisher of international and local artists until 1989. Susan and her partner Robert continued in professional fine art printing until 2013 when they closed Atelier GF. They produced fine art prints for artists such as John Chamberlain, Malcolm Morley, Anne Meredith Barry, John Hartman, Alice Tiechert as well as prints for the John Lennon and Miles Davis estates. Susan first exhibited her own work in print shows in Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland. Unique mixed media works began in the early 2000’s when she began producing solo exhibits for Ferneyhough Contemporary in North Bay and David Kaye Gallery in Toronto.

Susan was awarded the Artist in Residence at the Women’s Art Association of Canada for 2018 – 2019 where she conducted printmaking workshops, gallery visits, a group print show and had a solo exhibit.

Artist Statement:

My career as a professional printmaker has moulded my approach to the artistic process. Working with artists over the years I have absorbed many influences. Later I began to concentrate on my own artistic direction.

Visual ideas about the physical environment and the stories of its inhabitants concerned me earliest. The physicality of Canada’s Boreal Region inspired a process-driven approach; layers of texture, colour, repeated pattern, paper-cuts and coarse mark making.

More recently I have attempted to grapple with the broader ideas of the Anthropocene and the current discourse about international conservation processes.

My latest show WHERE IS WILD was a group of paper works using assemblage, printmaking and pastel drawing imagining the non-human position: “What is non-human reality in a digitized world?”

Questions of focus, process, and purpose continue but more as companions than otherwise. An artist’s job is to see the world and express it originally.

Contact info:  
website:  https://susanfarquhar.com

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