Galley, Alison

Artist Bio:

Alison Galley studied Fine Arts at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, majoring in painting with a minor in photography.  After graduating, she became a teacher in Toronto and busy mother of two children, one with severe physical and cognitive disabilities.  In 2017, Alison retired and was able to return to full time painting, focusing on still life and portraiture. 

Much of Alison’s time continues to be spent caring for her adult daughter and advocating for her needs.  Painting provides her with much needed respite from caregiving and a means of regenerating the energy she needs to face the daily challenges and demands of life with her special needs daughter. 

Alison regularly exhibits her work in group shows in Toronto, at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre and The Women’s Art Association of Canada.  Her paintings have been exhibited in the Society of Canadian Artists International Juried Exhibitions for the past three years and she has work currently on exhibit in the Ontario Society of Artists Open Juried Exhibition and at The Ontario Legislature.  Many of Alison’s paintings are in private collections throughout Canada.  Her work can be viewed on Instagram@galleyalison.

Artist Statement:

I have always been drawn to still life paintings and portraits.  There is a comforting sense of order in still life images that conveys a sense of home and gives new meaning to ordinary objects.  Still life images give us a glimpse into the artists’ domestic lives and the objects they deem worthy of depicting.  This intimacy between artist and subject is what appeals to me in portraiture as well.  A good portrait reveals so much more than a physical likeness of the sitter.  The personality and spirit are also evident and enable the image to take on a life of its own.

Still life as subject matter provides me with opportunities to explore colour and light and the play of both on different surfaces. Capturing light is also an important element in my portraits, as well as conveying the likeness and characters of the people I paint.  I work with oils in a very traditional, realist manner and derive great pleasure from intently observing details and pushing the limits of my painting skills.  I aim to convey a timeless tranquility, and hope the viewer can experience a momentary, contemplative escape from the busyness of our modern world.

Contact Information:

Social Media – Instagram@galleyalison

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