Gilbert, Jack

Artist Statement:

Jack Gilbert, BA.,D.Jur.,LLM.,QC.,SCA.

I have spent my working life as a corporate, business and securities lawyer but my love for photography comes from having been born into a family of photographers.

My father, a Master Photographer, opened a photography studio in Toronto back in 1922, which continues under my older brother, Al Gilbert, C.M., F.R.P.S., a Member of the Order of Canada and a fellow of several international photographic societies.    I developed a renewed interest in the art form coinciding with the advent of the digital technology for photography.

I have particularly immersed myself in post-processing, or digitally treating a photo after it has been taken. Photoshop has been the software for this purpose.   I have given courses on how to use the software, on composition and design, and on the history of photography.  I am just overwhelmed by the power of the program.  Where most people will take a digital photograph and post it to social media, or have it printed, untouched, I will manipulate the photo utilizing Photoshop’s options for layers, colour correction, and filters.

The Art of Photography, however, is not about the tools used to make it, but is about the artist’s understanding and appreciation of the organization of colour, line, composition, rhythm, perspective, balance and their interplay to support the subject matter or intent.

The photographer, like the traditional paint and brush artist, is the authorizing factor.  A brush on canvas or a photographer’s computer code and processor are simply the tools of the art making process; without the artist or photographer’s involvement, they are merely inert stuff.

A photograph can qualify as art but it does not automatically become art simply by virtue of being a photograph.


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