Goldnau, Catharina

Artist Bio:

Catharina Goldnau explores transitions, juxtaposing traditions and materials in sculptural work that borders functionality. Born next to the Iron Curtain in Germany, she moved to Canada at the age of 19.  After academic studies, 4 children and a teaching career, she studied Ceramics at Sheridan College under Linda Sormin and Laura Kukkee.  Catharina was awarded the Gardiner Museum Award for her work at the Graduating Show in 2018 and was featured in a solo exhibition at the Gardiner Museum in 2019.

Catharina continues to innovate, exploring non-traditional ways of working with clays; mixing custom clays with unconventional materials yields intriguing variations of form and unusual finishes.

Catharina is an award-winning graduate with a BA in Craft and Design with a specialty in Ceramics from Sheridan College.

Artist Statement:

Growing up in the rural countryside among fields, rocks, lakes and trees, I now work in a large urban centre, immersed in concrete. Oscillating between these poles, my work strives to be a coupling of both, inviting the viewer to contemplate a piece of earthiness within the context of a fabricated object. We need nature to regenerate our soul and culture to challenge our minds. 

While ceramic materials form the core of my practice, I also incorporate fibers, papers, stone and wood, refractory products, concrete, resins and ceramic shards.

My work is inspired by objects of utility, past or present: the bowl – a universal containment object – cracked or broken, the essence of the object preserved. In the juxtaposition of earthy and smooth surfaces, the materials explore the realm between nature and culture: Noble porcelain combined with rugged rocks make a culturally significant object, transformed by heat and gravity.

Contact Info:

IG        @catharinagoldnauceramics
FB       Catharina Goldnau Ceramics

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