Israelsson, Pia

Pia Israelsson lives and works in Toronto and relaxes on a tiny island on a big lake in Northern Ontario. She graduated from the architecture program at the University of Waterloo (also studying in Italy and Finland), and studied glass-blowing for 3 years at Sheridan’s Craft and Design Glass Studio in Oakville, Ontario. Most recently, Pia attended the Toronto School of Art and the Art Centre Program at Central Technical School in Toronto, taking classes in drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, ceramics and photography.

The series Under the tall trees is a study of some of the roots collected from my garden and the garden at the Women’s Art Association of Canada in Toronto. These botanical fragments invite the viewer to participate in the contemplation of the hidden world beneath our feet, our connections to each other and to something greater than ourselves.

All my life, so far, I have loved / more than one thing, / including the mossy hooves / of dreams, including / the spongy litter / under the tall trees. Moccasin Flowers -Mary Oliver

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