Jongeward, Carolyn

Artist Bio

Carolyn developed her artistic knowledge and skill first through tapestry design and weaving and then through her painting studio practice. Carolyn has an MA from the Royal College of Art in London, England, and an Education Doctorate from University of Toronto. Her tapestries have been exhibited and are in collections in Canada, United States, and England, and her paintings are exhibited in solo and group shows in Ontario. The creative process of her early tapestry designing is told in the book Weaver of Worlds by David Jongeward. She has taught courses and workshops on tapestry, design, colour, and creative process. Carolyn has been a Board member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada since 2016 and is active as co-chair of the WAAC Arts Committee.

Artist Statement

I was drawn to tapestry weaving through the dynamic geometric designs of Navajo weavers in the American southwest. Along with learning traditional weaving techniques, I developed a feeling for the rhythm of counting and connecting threads and also the symbolism of woven design. Each tapestry is both a response to the basic structure of weaving and also an exploration of geometric forms, numerical rhythms, or unexpected imagery that emerges at the loom without prior design.

Using the medium of acrylic painting, I generate abstract imagery in a variety of ways that reflect my long-time exploration of colour, geometry, nature forms, and rhythmic patterning. Some works are created using a spontaneous, gestural approach; others use mark-making that evokes textures of textiles; and, in combination with block printing, others embody geometric lattices and patterns. Recent works emphasize the canvas as a textured fabric with layers of interconnecting lines. Whatever the medium, I seek to convey the lively edge between hidden order and sudden surprise and also the energy of vibrant and subtle colour interactions.

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