Krubnik, Ursula

Artist Bio:

Ursula Queeny Krubnik (Queeny) is a University of Toronto alumni and multidisciplinary artist who works in various mediums (spray paint, oil, acrylic, resin, pastel, charcoal, epoxy, found objects).

Born and raised in Toronto, she has travelled the world extensively creating art and connecting with fellow artists. She has been fortunate to have collectors of her work throughout Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Europe.

Aside from painting and creating sculptures, she is also enjoys collecting art from established and emerging artists.  

Artist Statement:

My first oil painting was completed with my mother’s lipsticks that I borrowed when I was four. Balancing on my head, upside down I made a Cy Twombly-esque creation with the bright red lipstick on the cream walls of the living room. My penchant for creating work led me to graffiti writing. Starting as a graffiti artist, I kept my street name, Queeny Rebel when I moved from spraying walls to painting canvases and murals. Queeny Rebel Empire Q.R.E. (@queenyrebelempire) is a brand that invites the viewer to a world that is free of societal expectations and restraints where strong women and the essence of total freedom is celebrated through colour and bold subject matter. By featuring eclectic champions which are free of rigid social constructs, I attempt to challenge the notion of societal norms. I invite the viewer into a fearless and jovial atmosphere where women are heralded as heroines.

Contact Information:

  • Instagram: @queenyrebelempire
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