Kuentzel Marvy, Christa

Artist Bio:

Born, raised and schooled in Basel, Switzerland, where I particularly enjoyed the arts education I was privileged to receive. Spent years studying & working in France, England and Canada.

Was very active in the Feminist movement of Switzerland.

Got married to an American/Canadian and moved to Toronto in 1991.

Worked at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, and also, after going back to school, got a degree in Mediaeval Studies from U of T, and went on to Graduate School in Mediaeval History at the University of Toronto.

After early retirement, I began classes in Watercolour painting with Moira Clark at Avenue Road Art School in 2009, thereby re-connecting with the arts education of my school days in Basel, long ago.

Took to it “like a duck to water”, and have not stopped painting since.


TowardsAbstraction                           Solo Show at Dignam Gallery, WAAC, 2018

Splash                                                  Group Show at Dignam Gallery, WAAC, 2021

Artist Statement:

When painting I am going into another world, I get absorbed in a process.

I love to paint because it is neither writing, nor talking, it is PAINTING: silence, seeing, absorbing, and at the same time giving and revealing something of yourself.

I paint because I love colour, form, movement, composition; challenge, surprise and above all, freedom.

Over the years there were a few paintings that turned out more or less the way I wanted/envisioned them to be, or at least conveyed an ambience I tried to capture.

Contact Information:

email address: christa.kuentzelmarvy@alum.utoronto.ca

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