Ledger, Stephanie van Logchem

Artist Bio:

Since 2003, I have studied still life through the mediums of acrylic, conte, soft pastel and oil pastel, with Gail Ashby… Since 2011, I have also embarked upon an exploration of abstract painting, through courses taken at TSA, AGO, Neilson Park and others…

These studies have been highly influenced by my life long study of dance expression, culminating over the last 10 years in solo dance improvisation.  The seed for my present art expression began in my career of 30 years in the Picture Collection at Toronto Reference Library where I did reference work for many prominent Toronto artists. I also created over 100 exhibits featuring their work and how the Picture Collection was used in the creating of it….

For the past 4 years, I have practised life drawing in the West End Life Drawing collective…

Throughout this time, I have displayed my art in numerous WAAC shows, group shows with other artists, and a solo exhibit featuring still life.

At the present, besides creating art in my new studio, I garden  in the summer, run a small group of artist sketchers, and organize coexisDance, a group of professional musicians and dancers that regularly perform improvisation in Toronto.

Artist Statement:

Fifteen years studying still life through the mediums of acrylic, conte, soft pastel and oil pastel,  whetted my passion for more….

And so, recently, over the last 5 years I have embarked upon an exploration of abstract painting as well….

This endeavour has been strongly influenced by my recent 10 year involvement in solo improve dance performance, where being in the moment and having a full understanding of the elements of dance, were paramount to my creative artistic expression…

My still life studies continue, alongside my improv-influenced explorations and experiments in abstract art , where expressing the moment and utilizing the elements of art, guide me….And always, the feel of paint on my brush, colour, texture, shape and being on the brink of discovery – these things draw me to art….

This is what I enjoy about creating, and when I feel most at peace….

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