Lee, Adriana

Artist Bio:

Adriana Yunjeong Lee was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, and is currently based in Toronto. She is completing her BFA in Drawing and Painting with a minor in On-Screen media at OCAD University, focusing on painting and video installation works. Her use of materials has been
various from watercolour to oil, exploring the abstraction from scientific theories and its visualization.

Artist Statement:

My paintings depict my idea of a utopian future and its creation process; the world I imagine as a beautiful mess. By exploring the contradictory concepts of continuity and uncertainty of time and space, I visualize the coexistence of possible futures and express the transition period in present. I see the feasibility of idealization in the scientific theories and evidence that this moment, a few seconds at this moment, consists of numerous opportunities to determine the future.

The vulnerability and dissatisfaction arising from reality make me imagine the distant future. A world existing beyond my time of life is eternal, following the fixed concept of ‘time’ and being unable to see the complex relations at once. Imagining the bigger world and realizing the smallness of the present gives me a sense of security and makes me pursuit the promised happiness from the future.

Contact Information:

Instagram @adrianayjlee

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