Carr-Smith, Lenore

Artist Statement:

I am a fine artist who paints flowers. After a long career in the corporate world, I gave in to my passion to paint, working mainly in acrylics. The unique beauty of flowers stirs my emotions and inspires my art.  My love of all flowers comes from growing up in Jamaica, surrounded by lush tropical gardens filled with stunning and colourful blooms.   

Since flowers fade far too quickly, I want my art to preserve them at their peak which is why I enjoy painting blooms close up and larger than life in a realistic style. I like the challenge of capturing the essence of the flower, its vibrant colours and exotic shapes, especially where the light casts shadows.

As well as being a member of WAAC, I am a member of Toronto’s west-end ART TOUR COLLECTIVE.  Throughout the year, I participate in group shows with the other artists in the Collective, including their signature studio tour in the spring.

Contact Information:

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