Artist Biography:

L’OR (Louise Rouleau)

Originally from Quebec, Canada, her works are part of many private collections and have been exhibited in Canada, France and the United States. She is the recipient of 22 awards mainly outside Canada. She is currently represented by Galerie le HangArt in Montreal Canada and Galerie DBC in Montreal. 

Artist Statement:

“It is the medium, or the specific configuration of the medium, that we call a work of art that brings a sense of being,” said Robert Motherwell. Related to this feeling, contemporary artist L’OR uses a variety of mediums to create his radiant abstract painting that draws on feelings buried deep within the mind.

Like the early cubist works of Braque and Picasso, L’OR explores simultaneous perspective to achieve mesmerizing visual effects. L’OR often renders bold lines cut through the myriad of shapes and lines like a jet through the atmosphere, forming the intriguing shape of a torso in the background .

Thanks to L’OR’s use of mixed media techniques, his artworks possess a unique genre, an enticing texture like that of an ancient excavated artifact, having both rough and smooth surfaces. An open door to mystery to remind the viewer of all that remains unexplored in his psyche.


Instagram: @lorarttiste

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