Naser, Dana

Note: all works are from the Urban Soul collection.

Artist Bio:

I graduated from the US with a Visual Communications Arts degree. I always had a flair to colors, creating and painting. After a successful career in design, I have reconnected to my art after the birth of my son and decided to become a full time artist. It was not only a form of expression and creating beautiful aesthetics, but it was a stage where all elements play a role in bringing together a story; a journal of my visual world.

I am inspired by micro-images, textures, surfaces and color fields. I mix West and East in my expression like using mixed media in my art as I lived in a numerous countries and visited many more. Whether I choose a monochromatic minimalistic approach or a complex multilayered construction, my art flows into a certain style. I use day to day tools to create snapshots of what are basically various moments in life.

Artist Statement:

“My paintings represent an ongoing quest to discover details around me and to reveal what cannot be expressed with words. I strive to tap into intuitive creative painting and share it by visual art and transfer it onto support medium such as a canvas. Every time I start a new painting, I take a moment to allow this creative energy to flow allowing me to “play”; experiment and allow the paint to take its different forms and to communicate something, creating an impression on the viewer – without natural imagery or symbols, but rather with pure visual form”.

Contact info:

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