Pich, Janice

Artist Bio:

Born  in Toronto, Ontario in 1969.      

I work primarily in oil and acrylic from my home. I also create using oil pastels, conte pencil and charcoal.

I am inspired by the world around me. Its beauty, shadows, colour and light.  Painting is a record of my experiences in life and the feelings that they evoke. My first juried show was at the age of 17 after discovering oil paint. It was a decisive moment as I had found something I felt I was born to do.

I expanded my knowledge through experimenting with pottery, life drawing and sculpting.

My first private sale was in 2006 and I have completed commissions for repeat clients.


The Little Art Show     2003
Gravenhurst Gallery   2007
Workshop Gallery       2007 and 2008
The Faculty Club         2015
The Women’s Art Association of Canada – Darkness into Light    2020

Contact info:

Instagram @jpich55

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