Plante, Kay

Artist Bio:

I have always drawn, sculpted, painted and created objects – my first canvas was the wallpaper of our home – much to my mother’s chagrin. I was always drawn to the natural world, first for art materials and then for art inspiration.

Self – taught, (until my university training), I looked to art history books for guidance. Realism was my drawing teacher and the sweep of art history my instruction in what interested me artistically.

Imagining a career traveling the world, photographing wild creatures for National Geographic, I started a Bachelor of Science, intending to pursue zoology. Soon I realized I wanted to explore the world artistically and this led to my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. During this time I was asked to teach groups outside of campus as well as tutor students independently. Teaching was added to the things I loved to do! I studied Education of the Fine Arts at McGill and soon arrived in Toronto in 1989 to begin my fine art career, as well as my teaching career.

My greatest educational achievement has been raising a family of four children, 3 Great Pyrenees and the sharing of it with my partner of 30 years.

Artist Statement:

The eight images in this profile represent a sampling of my work across genres and across media, including oil, watercolor and acrylic paint. Early posts on my Instagram account show some photography and video examples. I am interested in exploring video as a medium that can find its place in artistic explorations.

My artistic exploration is inspired and informed by the natural world and subject matter includes water, sky and land-scapes, portraiture, flora and fauna of the environments I find myself in as well as still life and studies from life – especially as I return to figurative work. My aesthetic is grounded in realism while being expressionistic.

Powerful saturation of color, thick and textured surfaces, and a sense of natural light define much of my past work. Working at a large scale has allowed me to create in a manner which allows the viewer to be surrounded and impacted by the formal elements of color and light – and hopefully to experience the joy of the subject and the process. I believe in the power of art to communicate, to inform and to transform and I am grateful to create and share and live with art.

Contact Info:

website :   (contact email embedded in site)
Instagram:  @kayplantearts   

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