Read, Gail

Artist Bio:

Born in Brantford, ON, Gail Read is a Scholarship winner of the Doon School of Fine Art, an honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, and spent a year of Independent Studies in Florence, Italy.

She was a co-owner/director of the former Hayter Gallery in Toronto, taught Visual Arts in Public and Secondary Schools, as well as Adult and Children’s classes, designed and illustrated the book, “Island Flavours”, and has drawings in several publications.

As a Landscape Artist she works mostly within each pure medium of pen and ink, graphite, watercolour, oil, acrylics and oil pastels, exhibits in group and solo shows and is represented in private collections. She transforms her drawings, made from the initial inspiration on location, by filtering the essentials through her imagination into paintings later in her studio at the Women’s Art Association.

Gail lives on the Toronto Island.

Artist Statement:

I have been fortunate to live most of my life by water while surrounded with trees and wide open skies overhead that has become a visceral need as well as a spiritual necessity, shaping my world and bringing me home to my Source in Nature. As a Landscape painter it offers a way to share a deep love and appreciation of its wonder, awesome power and sublime beauty.

By capturing in a painting fleeting moments of serenity and of calm from our noisy, rushed and often threatening world, I hope to share a moment of discovery or of contemplation.

I began working with early pen and ink drawings of the Toronto Islands, then larger graphite drawings followed. Thirsting for colour came watercolours, then oils, acrylics and oil pastels where each new medium brought its own particular approach and fresh ways of seeing while painting in Muskoka, the Rocky Mountains as well as on the Toronto Island.

Landscape is the theme through which I express rhythms, patterns and atmosphere, growth and decay, and how light needs shadow, creating feelings, expressing Life itself.

Painting finally becomes a form of meditation, an inward journey of discovery and of renewal, in which I hope to share the joy and wonder of that journey.

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