Reyes, Hortensia

Artist Bio:

Hortensia is an interdisciplinary artist currently enrolled at Ontario College of Arts and Design University, OCADU pursuing a Master’s degree (Master of Fine Arts, MFA), and she is a recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship. Since living in Toronto, Canada, she has started pursuing what she loves the most: art, design and fashion.

Hortensia uses watercolour and mixed media in her paintings. Lately, she is exploring etching, an amazing process that she found so engaging. She has had art show exhibitions as part of a group, in collaboration and solos. She used her sketching skills to create designs that she later built through several iterations until she got her clothing pieces to look the way she wanted. She is very proud of her alpaca coats and accessories line for women. She has showcased her work not only nationally, but internationally as well.

Artist Statement:

I love Arts in all its expressions. I consider myself an artist, designer and maker. I work as a Fashion Designer and as a Visual Artist. I enjoy both activities, because they are linked to the creative process.

I am inspired by nature, Emma and textures. I like Monet’s and Jenny Holzer’s work.

I feel inspired by colours, textures, classical lines, sleek designs, kindness and music. I design and paint using watercolour and mixed media to communicate my emotions. I am also the creative thinker/fashion designer behind the Hortense Salvatore label, a line of women’s coats and accessories made of alpaca fabric and yarn.

Contact Info:

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