Ross, Judith

I am a NORTHERN GIRL! I grew up in the nickel mining town of Sudbury, Ont., enjoying all that it had to offer. In summer we spent wonderful days at our family cottage and then hours of skating and skiing during the winter months.    

I moved away to Montreal and continued skiing in the Laurentians and also Vermont nearby. The beauty from the top of these hills inspired me to appreciate nature’s winter and the beautiful landscapes around me. On my own, I began to use watercolour paint and, from memory, I began to paint the incredible mountains I had skied on.

I eventually moved to Toronto and treated myself to art lessons. Both of my teachers suggested that I paint from images of the photos my husband and I had accumulated from our yearly visits to France and Italy. While painting, I was able to relive those very special landscapes that constantly surrounded us!! This became my passion. I am a landscape artist! I have painted and sold about 200 paintings over the 20 years I have been painting, including the many paintings I sold at the Canadian Opera Company, for their art exhibitions.

Since I joined Women’s Art, I have enjoyed the challenges we have given with the various exhibition  themes, throughout the years. This has broadened my scope as a landscape artist! I am becoming a little more adventurous.

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