Somerville, Catharine

Artist Bio:

Catharine Somerville was born in Toronto, Ontario and lives between the UK and Canada.

In 1992 Catharine set up a teaching center called Herringbroom Studio in West Sussex, UK and in 2008 she completed her postgraduate studies at West Dean College /University of Sussex, England

Catharine is foremost a landscape painter but her work has taken many different directions over the years from portraiture to decorative metaphorical pieces. She is also a mentor, and teacher working in oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Somerville has received major awards including prizes from The Gryphon Theatre Company, Ontario, the Chairman’s Prize from West Dean College and the University of Sussex. Recently, she has also completed long- term (3 month) residencies in Mexico, Toronto Island and in Georgian Bay. Somerville’s work is represented in public, private and corporate collections in both in Canada and England including the YMCA Irma Brydson Place, Toronto, Kanata Research Park Corp., Ottawa, the Thomson Reuters Headquarters, Toronto and the Donald Wilson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre Chichester, West Sussex.


Gallery 1313 -Toronto, Ontario
Women’s Art Association, Toronto Ontario
ASK Ontario
Elmspa, Toronto
Elmwood Spa, Toronto
Colborne Street Gallery – Fenelon Falls, ON

Artist Statement:

I consider the beauty and spirit of the natural world. The poetry of the ever-shifting landscape bonds me to my imaginings. I take my notes and sketches into the studio where different philosophies enter my thoughts to develop a series of work.

Constant travel contributes to the diversity of my work.

These shifts and changes may be thought by some to be drastic, even capricious. One thing though is that looking behind the appearance of the work the exploration and passion remain constant. Today some might consider this to be inconsistent. But isn’t this inconsistency the world we live in?

While I admire artists, who can explore over and over a single vein throughout their entire painting life, this is not my personality. I identify more with artists who radically change the language they use to meet the demands of new imagery and concerns. I enjoy the ‘Options’ available to the artist in exploring a particular theme or idea. I find it tragic when artists become prisoner to the tyranny of their own “Style

I hope to capture the awe and energy of what it feels like to be fully present in the moment.

Contact info:

Instagram: @catharinesomervillewilson_art

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