Trouton, Lycia

The appraisal on my major work The N. Ireland chronological memorial was done by Beth Noble, contemporary art installation/ sculpture Appraiser, Canada.

Artist Bio:

Dr. Lycia Trouton grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia in the 1970s and graduated with a BFA and MFA Sculpture from Carnegie Mellon University and Cranbrook Art Academy, Detroit 1991. Back on the west coast, she worked as a Kwantlen instructor and public artist in both Vancouver and Seattle. Known for her Earth works, she then completed her doctorate in Fibre Arts and Contemporary Art History at the University of Wollongong NSW. Australia South of Sydney 2005.

She is a university lecturer and assessor (University of Lund, Malmo School of Art). Trouton currently holds an Associate Research Fellowship at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, at the University of Victoria. Her is about trauma, grief and peace-keeping in her country of birth, Northern Ireland, which now rests with the Peace Museum, Bradford, UK.

Artist Statement:

The focus of my art-making is site-conscious installation art and public art for sustainable communities (ecologically sustainable and/or non-violence for sustainable relations). The rich heritage of certain ‘material cultures’ offers me a depth of research sources for inspiration.

My approach begins with a geographical orientation to the site, the existing architectural context and/or outdoor landscape features, as well as attention to the socio-political situation(s) (past and present). Then, I utilize methods-of-making which bring about the most distilled development of the sculpture and/or architectonic intervention in terms of concept, site-placement and viewer-interactivity. I like to unearth the past, connecting a history-of-place with the present and ideas for the future: bridging the span between ancient and future, together with the playful enjoyment of imaginary life in an age when the immediacy of telecommunications seems to displace us all.

I practice ‘art-as-a-living-system’ and time-based sculpture. I draw inspiration from the site-conditions or geography of place and personal or socio-political themes. I’ve collaborated with performers and musicians, architects, ecological engineers, and craft persons. Despite the doctorate in contemporary art history and theory, generally my artwork is accessible to viewers on many levels.

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