Vanasse, Dulce

Artist Bio:

Dulce is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Goderich, and Lauderdale-by-the-sea. She has retired from a career as a chef to pursue one as an artist. She works with photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, and metallurgy; focusing on figurative and portrait works in clay, metal, charcoal, graphite, and oil.

Born in Barcelos, Portugal, Dulce comes from a long generational line of potters who have been making ceramics for centuries. Pottery is a new found passion for her and since 2019 she has been sculpting the figure, experimenting with patinas and formulating her own recipes. She recently began studying metallurgy hoping to incorporate metals into her sculptures.

Having studied photography at Humber College in the 2000’s, Dulce’s first passion is travel and nature photography. This has influenced her work as an artist, approaching her paintings and drawings through observation and a desire to capture a moment.

Dulce has taken life drawing classes at the AGO in Toronto and the F.A.T. in Fort Lauderdale, sculpture classes at the OCAD continuing studies program in Toronto, painting and sculpture classes at the Boca Museum of Art in Florida, and Blacksmithing at the Guild in Fort Lauderdale. She works out of her garage studio in Goderich, Ontario.

Artist Statement:

I seek to capture an emotional response to a moment the viewer must imagine just happened. I live in a world of introspection; sitting with an emotion, and translating it into a figurative pose or gesture. I want to invoke feeling, good or bad, and trigger your imagination to create a story. I give you a moment in a medium, and you fill in the blanks, create your own narrative, interpret the crises, and let yourself fill up with that emotion.

Contact Information:

Instagram:   @dulce_vanasse
Facebook:     Dulce Macedo Vanasse

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