Wallace, Wendy

Artist Statement:

I create constructions on-site connecting traditional, natural, textural, and everyday materials that are symbolic of the narrative. Currently, I am working with light, shadows, and reflections integrating materials and documenting with photography.

My work responds to my interaction in the local landscape, travels and short residencies throughout Canadian urban/rural/suburban environments. I am exploring the carbon footprint local to the unfamiliar, they are landscapes centred on the impact of the narrative, “identifying landscapes as cultural symbols”.

The series of photographs “Submerged” is based on my family’s land and forest, installation of laminated tree photographs suspended and submerged in moving water with, light, shadows, and reflections. I am interested in the possibilities of reflecting what is now versus what was, reflecting the interconnectedness of the forest, rocks and water along the Muskoka River, flooded by hydro dams in the 1950s.

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