Zinato, Anna

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Artist Bio:

Anna Zinato is a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Venice which has influenced her passion for the art that surrounded her. She studied at the University of Padua and graduated from 

The Art Centre in Toronto the TDSB three-year full program.

The house where she was born is full of frescoes and her mother was an art collector and patron of emerging artists which influenced her appreciation for art. Anna started painting at the age of seventeen and never stopped, even when she became the mother of two daughters.

As a painter and sculptor Anna Zinato works in oil, encaustic, bronze, clay, various types of printmaking, and ultimately in silver for her new line of jewelry. She loves to create and experiment with new techniques. 

For about 10 years, Anna was a curator for a Contemporary Art Gallery.

Anna’s paintings can be found in private international collections throughout Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Turkey, China, Japan and USA, and have been featured in various art publications and television broadcasts.   

Anna Zinato is a member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada, Canadian Society for Art of Imagination, and Art tour Collective.

Artist Statement:

Painting allows me to free what I have inside through a creative means, giving me a sense of freedom and liberation.
Creating art liberates my mind to express all the thoughts and feeling held captive within the confines of my imagination.

Painting also allows me to capture an image and transform it into what I see through the lens of my heart and seize it forever on canvas. This brings me joy because it is the only way I can truly share the same emotions with others.

My work has always been influenced by my life in Venice, where I was born and lived for the majority of my life.
Venice for me is a very beautiful place, that gives a feeling of serenity, beauty and emotion, which has inspired generation and generations of artists and poets from all around the world.  

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