Ann Bald-Bloom

Ann Bald-Bloom

In my childhood I loved to paint and draw. I didn’t think much about it but it became a sort of companion for my years growing up. Much later, when my own children were grown, I saw things in nature I never really took notice of, and I began to sketch. The flowers mostly. The landscape, the mountains, the rivers. The hilly terrain and the stark beauty of the desert. The real discovery of the landscape for me was monumental.

That’s when painting came into my life. The idea of taking a blank canvas and making something of it was intriguing and exciting.

Without the benefit of a formal art education, I studied with several well-known Quebec artists in workshops or classes through the renowned Saidye Bronfman Centre of Fine Arts in Montreal, all the while being encouraged by my instructors but mostly by my own excitement and passion for putting paint on canvas.

Today I paint quickly and with great enthusiasm. I rarely, if ever, paint what is in front of me. I seem to be able to draw from my personal experiences through my travels, in the deserts or the mountains of the world. I love these places and feel them deeply. And when I return to the studio and allow the emotion of those experiences to rest within me, I am stimulated to paint by the wash of those feelings. My hope is that the spirit of these feelings is truly expressed in the work.

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