Anya Orzechowska

Born in Canada, Anya spent most of her life in Montreal before moving on to various other locations, including Dubai, Palma de Mallorca, Toronto and Rochester, NY. These frequent trips abroad and different established home bases have given her an opportunity to explore new places and to meet interesting people from many different cultures in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and the Far East, as well as her native Canada.

With most of her professional life devoted to writing and editing, Anya’s extensive travels have inspired her to capture the flavors of some of those places and cultures in her paintings. 

Beginning with watercolours but then moving to oil painting because of the depth of colour, Anya has worked to develop her technical abilities in order to better reflect the harmony of these aesthetic fragments in time and space.

The greatest pleasure that Anya experiences within her art is the capture of light that abounds in the beauty of nature.

“Through painting, I create my secret garden of moments that bring me delight and I share my vision of these,” she explains.

Her work covers a range of subjects due to her travels across the globe and the many cultures with which she has had both the privilege and good fortune to interact.

Anya has exhibited in the Gallery of Light in (Dubai, U.A.E.), Art Etc. (Montreal), ArtWalk (Westmount), Art Square Gallery (Toronto), the Heliconian Club and the Women’s Art Association of Canada (Toronto), as well as giving private lessons and accepting commissions.

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