Joanne Nelson

Art is something I have enjoyed, appreciated, and been curious about, all my life. Today, as an artist, I am presently motivated by the Abstract Expressionism and my training in Art Therapy. Much of my inspiration is derived from a trigger. After many scribbles and doodles, I begin. With energetic, impulsive and gestural brush strokes, ink, and charcoal the inspiration becomes much less important. The process of painting takes over. I build, respond, deconstruct, and rebuild. The finished piece is made up of several layers through trial and error, and retrial. The final product is always a surprise. As an Art Therapist, I am often insightful as to just what my work is communicating to me, which is especially gratifying. Putting my truest self into my work enables me to create something that is authentic and emotionally charged. It is me.