Maria Scaringi

Art and painting have been Maria’s passions since her childhood days in Montreal. Her first work at age 12 was a caricature of Robert Bourassa done in charcoal which was used for the Quebec elections in 1970. In 1983 she moved to Toronto to further establish her professional and art careers. She has studied contemporary landscape and portrait painting with well known artists as L. Panart, P. W. McCormach, K. Ondatjee and J. Leonard; with her works shown in various Toronto galleries. Her latest group of contemporary works from the Advanced Landscape Workshop at the Pine Cottage, McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg, Ontario is now on exhibit at McMichael Art Gallery. It is part of a travelling exhibit across Ontario.

Her artistic career has been further nurtured with invitations to paint with other Master Artists at the Halliburton School of Art + Design and at the Etobicoke Art Group.

Not only does she paint, but she is an active member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada. Her particular interest in the history, and yet unrecognized significance, of Canadian Women Artists has brought her to collaborate on a book about Florence H. McGillivray (Tom Thomson’s only mentor) with an exhibition at the Station Gallery in Whitby, Ontario in 2018 and at McMichael’s Art Gallery in 2022.

When Maria is not involved in the arts, she has spent the past 30 years working in her private practice as a speech-language pathologist, in addition to providing home based care giving for her mother. Maria has always been known to “make things happen” as her life is nothing short of a model for “she did it her way”. Nothing blocks this high-energy artist from realizing and engaging her passions and her gifts.