Nancy Simmons Smith

Nancy Simmons Smith studied art part time for 20 years before becoming a full time artist in 2009.

There are two sides to her practice. The first is non-objective painting – work that doesn’t represent anything in the real world. These paintings begin spontaneously from a simple gesture and evolve without a plan. Nancy works in an intuitive and gestural way, burying and unearthing marks and textures to explore surface, shape, colour, texture, and composition in the pursuit of images.

The other side of the practice is figurative. Working from the model, Nancy is concentrating these days on portraits. She generally prefers dry media, particularly charcoal on canvas, when she wants to capture a likeness, and acrylic paint for more abstract interpretations.

Nancy shows her work regularly and it is found in private collections throughout North America. She lives and works in Peterborough, Ontario.