Teresa Davies

She paints her impressions of what she sees and feels when looking at her surroundings. Acrylic Paint, canvas, watercolour and paper are her preferred voice.

Teresa has loved to draw and paint since she was a child; she always cherished the opportunity when it arose. Growing up Teresa felt that she saw the world differently than others like shadows and the way the sunlight hit different things and changed the moods of her surroundings. Teresa has always been influenced by the great outdoors with her childhood spent in the Scugog region which allowed her endless painting reference. Teresa was introduced to Algonquin Park 14 years ago where she purchased a trailer on Lake St Peter near the East Gates of Algonquin. Beautiful Algonquin Park has influenced so many artists in the past and captured Teresa as well. No matter the weather or region Teresa is always out there to see the beautiful surroundings and try to bring that feeling into her paintings. With little art training in high school and college she considers herself self-taught and is most comfortable working in acrylic and watercolour.

Teresa is a proud member of the WAAC

Email : Tromain22@gmail.com
Website: teresadaviesart.com