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Artist’s Hand Workshop Series presents A Fence, an Ear, and a Song, with Frank Rodick

Wednesdays, November 1 to December 6 (6-week class)
From 1pm – 2pm
via ZOOM
Participation Fee: $50 

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* Read more about the workshop (PDF)



Designed specifically for visual artists, the goal is to help participantsbecome more creative by exploring their own work modes anddeveloping a personal set of strategies and mindsets that support thecreative process. The emphasis throughout is on the practical—onapproaches that artists can apply usefully and immediately. Materials aredrawn from a wide variety of sources including the literature on creativeprocess, other artists’ experiences and work, the psychology of creativityand its research, and the workshop leader’s experience and reflectionsas a practicing artist and psychotherapist.

Workshop components may include lecture, slide presentation, classdiscussion, and individual exercises, including experiential work. 




Image credits:

Top: Frances (red pearls), ©Frank Rodick, 2012 

Below: fragments of a celestial abattoir, ©Frank Rodick, 2004




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