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The Artist’s Voice
2022 Online Lecture Series
Women’s Art Association of Canada


Churchill Manitoba: More than A Polar Bear Expedition

Craving adventure in a current world of travel restrictions, an expedition to Churchill, Manitoba brought the symmetry of a boreal forest, a rugged tundra landscape, majestic northern skies, the isolated historic Hudson’s Bay shoreline and bold contemporary Arctic Art into focus.

Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill is a place where polar bears roam freely, nature unfolds in spectacular glory and striking Arctic art tells us the story.

Churchill, Manitoba


Allen is a photographer, photo-artist and author, who finds creative inspiration throughout her travels and in seeking unique experiences. Canada, with its unique Artscape, Landscape and adventure experiences has recently ignited a renewed passion for further exploration here at home.

Churchill, Manitoba

Bringing these photography images to exhibits at the Women’s Art Association of Canada, Scotia Bank Contact Photography, AGO Resilience Project & Through a Hiker’s Lens Project, Allen shares the sublime beauty of Artic Canada and a bit of wanderlust as well.

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