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WAAC receives artwork donation “Statue of Peace” from South Korean Artists Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Eun-sung as part of the permanent collections. The event will take place on July 13, 2 to 4 p.m. in Dignam Gallery.



Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Eun-sung create work that address issues rising from Korea’s difficult history. Their sculptural installations portray various individuals who were sacrificed during the periods of Japanese occupation, independence movement, democratization movement, labour activism, and the US military intervention in Korea. Through their work, the artists highlight the brutality of war and colonization and its impact on women’s human rights violation. The artists installed their sculptures in and out of Korea, in collaboration with Korean communities abroad, generating empathy and controversies among the local and global communities. Through visual art, the artists promote discussion of historical justice and aim to foster peace.


In relation to the WAAC Member & Artist Tai Kim, the original sculpture is currently on view at 1313 Gallery from July 6 to 17.

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