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WAAC Luncheon Program presents


Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

Talk at 1:00 p.m

In-person only

Bring your brown-bag lunch and arrive at 12:15 pm with $5.00 cash donation at the door

Beverages and dessert included

Registration Cal Lorimer cal@womensartofcanada.ca or 416-922-2060


“SILVER BIRCHES, ” Mary Ella Dignam

A number of early members of the Women’s Art Association of Canada who had ambition to become and be recognized as professional artists, were drawn to Europe in the late 19th century, especially to France, to learn about the ‘new’ art of Impressionism. These women were practicing the new art form against opposition or rather the challenges of their financial situation, family demands or disapproval, male advantage, lack of patronage support and a tiny Canadian  retail market. The lecture will look at the ways in which these early member-artists attempted to meet and overcome obstacles in order to become accepted as professional artists on an equal footing with their recognized Canadian male colleagues.


For a complete coverage of the impressionism movement in Canada, please refer to LE PETIT SALON: Canadian Artists and Impressionism, curated by the speaker Barbara Mitchell.



Barbara Mitchell has been involved in the Canadian art market and milieu as a gallerist, framer, art investment advisor, appraiser, and curator for over 50 years. She studied art history at Middlebury College in Vermont and at the University of Toronto and has practiced her own art consultancy business since 1999 which was also the year, she joined the Women’s Art and became soon after the curator of its permanent collection, and later a president of the WAAC.



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