WAAC Member and artist Ellen Michelson has been part of an exciting project by the Toronto Heliconian Club, an anthology, “Musings“, a published collaboration featuring poetry, short stories, essays, paintings, mixed media and more.

Ellen Michelson

“Musings” is the first-ever Toronto Heliconian Club anthology and named for Greek mythology’s Mount Helicon muses. All contributions were juried and with the art pieces alternating with poetry and prose, it has turned out as beautiful as it’s namesakes.

Minerva visiting the Muses on Mount Helicon, Hans III Jordaens, oil on canvas, 1st century

From the Artist, “My tale is about an E.S.L. student who chose a very unusual English name, “Geode.” The book had a very small press run and only a few copies are available in soft cover, perfectly bound with full colour”. 

To read more about Ellen Michelson, CLICK HERE & to purchase a copy, click here.