* This call is exclusively open to all WAAC Members

January 18 – February 3, 2024

January 7, 11:30pm

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The WAAC Exhibitions Committee invites member artists of all mediums to submit their unique perspectives to the BLACK & WHITE 2024 exhibition running from Thursday January 18, to Saturday February 3, 2024 in Dignam Gallery. Explore the depth, emotion, and diversity achievable within the classic dichotomy of light and shadow. Unleash your creativity in shades of black and white! This exhibition will showcase the power of simplicity and the profound narratives that unfold when colour takes a step back.

* This call is exclusively open to all WAAC Members.

All visual mediums are eligible. This includes, but not limited to, drawing, painting, photography, video, sound, sculpture, book art, and print. Submitted artworks cannot have colour. Artworks must follow strict black and/or white monochrome.


1 large — Maximum 48″x48″ including the frame (works cannot exceed 48″ on any side)
1 or 2 medium — Maximum 22″x22” each including the frame
3 small — Maximum each 13″x13″ including the frame

Maximum dimensions include the frame, and applies to any sculpture’s surface area. Larger works will not be accepted.

SUBMISSION FEE: $40 (Payable by e-transfer to waac@womensartofcanada.ca by Sunday, January 7, 2024.)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday, January 7, 2024 11:30pm

ARTWORK INTAKE: Tuesday January 16, 2024 — 11:00am to 4:00pm

SHOW INSTALLATION: Wednesday January 17, 2024

EXHIBITION RUN: Thursday January 18, to Saturday February 3, 2024

RECEPTION: Saturday January 20, 2024 — 1 to 4pm

ARTWORK PICK-UP: Tuesday February 6, 2024 11am — 2pm

If you require clarification or support in completing your application, ask a fellow member for help, or contact the Arts Committee at: waac.arts@gmail.com