Eugenia Weinerek


Messenger of Doom SOLD
Woodcut Print
22″ x 28″

Artist Statement: a poem composed by Greg Weinerek in collaboration with Eugenia Weinerek

Corona Go Away

I meet my girl at the end of the day,
we long to kiss and hug but are told to stay away.
For the Corona Virus is sweeping through our universe,
spreading the dreaded disease like an evil curse.
Our life is now filled with many restrictions, by-laws, rules and directions:
we must stay home and wash our hands for our protection;
we must wear masks and gloves to avoid infection
and submit to nasal swabs for early detection.
We sit across from each other six feet apart,
waving and talking heart to heart.
We blow kisses into the air
and we both say“Life with Corona just isn’t fair!”
Long-term care homes are greatly affected,
many seniors got badly infected.
They cough, have fever and shortness of breath;
they suffer from loneliness, pain and often face death.
The economy is in shambles,
many jobs are lost.
Some help is on the way for those who need it most;
but when Corona is finally gone, what will be the cost!
We dream of the day when the Corona Virus has gone away
and we can once again embrace, dance and play.
We can return to school, watch sports, go shopping;
meet up with friends, have fun, go disco hopping.
We can shake hands, kiss and sing,
without keeping social distancing.
We can travel by air, bus or train -be it North, South, East or West-
without the fear of facing detention, fine or arrest.
We can go to the movies and stay up late,
without the need to self-isolate.
And that day will come soon, of that we’re sure.
All we have to do now is hope, be strong and endure!

Artist Bio

Eugenia Weinerek graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University) in 1989 at the age of 60. While there, she won several printmaking awards including the Purchase Award. Eugenia has participated in several group shows and five solo exhibitions. She is a member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada and a former member of long standing of Open Studio. She is represented in private and corporate collections including the Station Gallery, a public gallery in Whitby, Ontario.

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