Judith Davidson-Palmer


Searching for The Tao
Acrylic on Canvas
24″ x 24″ x 2″

Still Life (Symbols of Hope)
Acrylic on Wood Panel (Framed)
17″ x 14″

Artist Statement

My art is sometimes influenced by both people and events and my reactions to them. However, much of the time the inspiration comes from within, i.e. it emerges from a kernel of an idea and becomes real as I work. These two quite different paintings created during isolation and a pandemic are more a result of the first of the above, a reaction to the strange environment we are in. However, rather than reflecting just the darkness, they include symbols of hope that there is a way forward. Still Life….life has been very still until recently so it seemed appropriate to paint. Dark and light ( a balancing act and a reality that one doesn’t exist without the other); silver-prosperity; pears-immortality; red-life; three-harmony; doors-transition and passage from one place to another; and the Tao of the title, The Way.    

Artist Bio

Judith Davidson-Palmer is a painter and photographer who works in oil, acrylic, watercolour, photographic and mixed media. Her artistic practice and vision has evolved over the years influenced by various institutions, artists and technologies. Her painting, “Light at the End of the Tunnel” was shortlisted in 2016 for the Summer Exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts (London, UK). Her paintings include realistic works that capture everyday life and abstract pieces that explore colour, form and spatial relationships. Her photography frequently challenges the viewer by altering perceptions of familiar places. Her work is in private and public collections.  

Artist Contact

website: JDP Fine Art www.judithdavidsonpalmer.com

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