Karen Buck-Mackintosh


Home Security
Mixed media: (acrylic paint, metal, on canvas) 
24″ x 24″

Artist Statement

The concept/ the story for this work originated while I was clearing my father’s house. It sold this past fall after he had resided there with my mother for over 35 years. I considered “What is a house?”/” What is a home”?  Where does our sense of security come from?

Going through their belongings I found drawer after drawer, box after box of keys kept over the decades, no longer knowing what keyhole they belonged to.
The irony is that my father rarely locked his door.
For some reason I put them aside and brought them to my studio.

Mixed media appeals to my tactile sensibilities and interest in edges, integration, and the dichotomy of illusion and actuality. Drawing and paint studies commenced exploring curving, swirling, pinwheel gestures from a central hub, with the motion of movement going inwards and coming outwards. Circles repeat in the composition. Colour was instinctual, sometimes harsh, sometimes soft.

With the arrival of the COVID Pandemic the intention for “Home Security’ took on an addition, underlying level and compelled me to increase my productivity. 

“Stay at Home”. “Self Isolate”, “Essential Travel Only”.

With the addition of the large Jailer’s Key Ring the component of fear to lock and to confine arose. The keys are not bound on the ring but are in motion. Some keys move inward on the dark swirls seeking reconnection with the Jailer’s Ring.
Other key sets move outwards with the light colour values, to unlock fear and loosen confinement of depression, mental angst, and uncertainty from political rhetoric.

There can be order in the chaos through the choice of loving kindness.
Home is found in the heart. 

(A certain key can be found with the embossed trademark ‘Home Security’.)

Artist Bio

Karen Buck-Mackintosh graduated from Mount Allison University, N.B. in 1981 with a B.F.A. with Distinction. She majored in photography and minored in printmaking. Karen received her B. Ed. from the University of Toronto in 1984. She instructed Art/Photography for 27 years with the Durham District School Board. Karen currently resides on a rural property north of Argyle, Ontario.

Karen has been a practicing artist working in photography, printmaking, paint and mixed media for the past 39 years. Her award winning work draws inspiration from her personal environment and relationships in a manner that is often cathartic in nature.

Karen Buck-Mackintosh has exhibited in numerous group and juried shows. Karen has had solo exhibitions at the Ruth Upjohn Gallery, W.A.A.C., Toronto, the Kawartha Gallery, Lindsay and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa. She has received three Ontario Arts Council Grants. Her work is in the collections of the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario; the Owen’s Art Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick; and with private collectors in Canada and the United States. Karen’s photography has been published in O.S.S.T.F. Education Forum.

Artist Contact

Contact: buckmackintosh@gmail.com

Website: www.buckmackintosh.com

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