Margaret Rodgers


Acrylic and doily on rag paper
30 x 22″

Solar Eye
Acrylic, solar printed image, doily on canvas
14″ x 11″

Artist Bio

Margaret Rodgers is an Oshawa artist, writer, and curator working in various media including painting drawing, and photo-based work with particular interest in solar printing. At present she is employing a range of processes to create a series of text and image based pieces using the crossword puzzle as form and various theoretical language silos as content. That said, painting remains the pivotal element in her process.

Springing from her Crosswords pieces is a group of small works that incorporate solar printed images similar to those found in the previous series. Works such as Solar Eye make use of a psychological interiority to elicit aesthetic response beyond text. Between VIRUS and Solar Eye exists the creative space provided by extensive studio time during the pandemic.

Solo exhibitions include Closeups at RMG Oshawa, Solar Prints at the WAAC and Fort St. John North Peace Museum, B.C. Recent venues with the IRIS Group collective of women artists in Durham Region, has included OISE, RMG, Station Gallery Whitby, downtown Oshawa Space Invaders, and WhiteOut for Nuit Blanche. Her work has been included in No Man’s Land (Erring on the Mount festival, Peterborough),  Easy Come, Easy Go (AGP), and various WAAC art exhibitions.  Internationally she showed work in Deviant Detours, Kunsthaus Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Beijing World Art Museum, and the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake area, NY.

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