Marjorie Moeser


Darkness into Light
Acrylic on Canvas
30″ x 30″

Acrylic on Canvas
16″ x 20″

Artist Bio

Marjorie Moeser is a Canadian landscape painter whose career spans decades. She has painted in New Mexico and the South of France for extended periods of time. She has had several Solo exhibitions, and has been in Group shows in New Mexico, Aix en Provence and Ontario, Canada. Currently, she paints in Toronto, Canada, where she has her studio.

Moeser’s early paintings derive from rural Ontario landscapes punctuated with barns, farmsteads and fields. These landscapes were pared down to their basic essence. Surfaces were simple, with flat colour and hard edge. A trip to New Mexico left an indelible mark not only on her perception of the desert landscape, but also on her change in palette and style of painting. What was once a minimalist approach, became an expressionist, more painterly brushstroke, with a new palette of riotous colour, reflecting the brilliance of New Mexico’s colour and light.

Gradually landscapes moved from complex realism to more semi-abstract interpretations. Presently, her landscapes are often influenced by the topography of New Mexico where she painted for many years. Her semi- abstract landscapes are developed intuitively. Hers is a full spectrum palette, recalling the vibrant colours so prevalent in New Mexico. Her paintings glow with a brilliant light that emphasizes the contrasts and rhythmic patterns in the land.

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