Noreen (Nina) Amin


acrylics on board 
50″ x 30″ (two panels joined)

Artist Statement

For me there is joy and peace in paintings as it helps to break down barriers and allow open communication between people from various cultures and backgrounds. I have been creating art for more than 20 years and have experimented in various media, but most of my work is oil on canvas. My earlier work was inspired by Subcontinent and Middle Eastern themes, culture, and showed the beauty of east in vibrant colors. I spent many years leaning and refining the intricacies and styles of Arabic calligraphy. Over the past two years, I have been drawn to exploration in abstract expressionism with nature as inspiration and had the good fortune to work with and become friends with the late John Brown, a very gifted artist who passed away recently (may he rest in peace)

Artist Bio

Nina was born and educated in Pakistan, has a degree in Political Science. She was fabric painting and dress designing in while in School, her interest in Art really took off when she moved to Muscat, Oman in 1994 and made friends in the artist community. Nina is mostly self –taught, but has attended courses at Slade School, University of London, and Ontario Collage of Art; she also worked with many artists in Pakistan, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

Nina has had many successful solo and group exhibitions in Pakistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai and has been featured in newspapers in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia including a Saudi TV program. 

Artist Contact

Contact: 647-965-8519 or


Instagram: @ninaaminpaintings

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